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Refined Rebellion

Shades brews flavorful, award-winning craft-beers in the heart of Salt Lake City. Not the conventional setting to establish a brewery, but we don’t do conventional. Our brews are unorthodox in both ingredients and experience. Our flavors are revolutionary, not the next tap down.


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We prefer to set the course rather than follow it. We brew because we love making great beer — delicious beer that makes drinkers realize that yeast settles but they shouldn’t have to. Our beers give customers what they didn’t know they were missing. Unexpected, disruptive, or as we like to say a refined rebellion against the repetitious, routine brew.




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insatiable sessions, light & smooth, bold & strong

We have a robust portfolio of distinctive beers and starting this fall you will be able to purchase in cans. Our insatiable sessions keep you coming back for more. They are light smooth and refreshing. We also love bold and strong flavors for discriminating palettes. No matter what we brew we aim for balanced, distinct flavors that are totally delicious. Beginning November 1st, Utah laws will allow session beers which are sold in grocery stores, convenience stores, and on tap in bars and restaurants to increase alcohol levels from 3.2% abv to 4.0% abv by weight,. As a result we are reformulating sessions to the legal limit. For details on each of our beers, press the learn more button.


hogs head reserve limited edition beers

We have an robust barrel aging program. We use distilled spirit and wine barrels to create distinctive barrel aged ales and sour beers. Hogs Head Reserve is our line of premium barrel aged beers. We thought the name was perfect for barrel aged beers produced at the old High Grade Meats building. Hogs Head is the old world term used as a unit of measure for a wooden barrel. The brewery currently occupies what used to be a meat processing plant whose signage included a hog cartoon character.

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In preparation for the launch of our sour program, our Brew Master was able to secure a special strain of Kveik yeast. Kveik is an ancient Norwegian yeast that’s centuries old and performs very well in sour beers. In the lab we were able to isolate the best cells and cared for them in our yeast propagation tanks. The yeast performed phenom ally. Loving to create and innovate, the idea was to brew a unique limited edition release every month. We got started and have created some amazing sours such as our “pink tart”, “peach cobbler”, and “strawberry shortcake”. After winning a Gold Medal at the Great American Festival for our classic Kveik, we received so many requests to bring the beer back that we decided it to incorporate it into our regular line up. Pina Colada Golden Sour was submitted to the International Beer Awards and took a Gold. Again, we have agreed to make this beer a regular release. Our Kveik series sours typically come in at 6.2% abv and are totally delicious. Keep and eye on our blog or social media for upcoming releases. You won’t want to miss them.